If you didn’t know, Xbox One allows you to expand your storage for games by using an external drive via USB 3.0. The need to perform Xbox one internal hard drive upgrade. Have your Horizon program open, and plug in the USB drive, it will give you an option to use the file. This is handy for those with a large game collection, but it’s a feature with an even more useful benefit: SPEED. I am setting up the hard drive for PC use. Before Moving Forward. You can not see Xbox files when you place harddrive inside PC, because of different file system. I need to unlock and/or completely reformat it using only the computer. If you haven't got buffer harddrive, you have to use second Xbox. Before you can install Game Pass games on another drive, there are a couple of things you need to do. For the most part, no. You can use a drive with a maximum of 16 TB (although it has not been officially confirmed). You can than upload the file to the Internet and another program you wish to open it with. 3. Since it was firstly released in November 2013, it has attracted a large number of gamers relying on its internet-based features, such as the ability to record, the capability to integrate with a set-top box, voice control and the 4K video playback and HDR10 supported by Xbox one S version. First, you need to be subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. Some of the requirements for hard drives’ compatibility with Xbox One are given below: The hard drive must have at least 128 GB of storage capacity. If you didn't lock the drive in your XBox, then you can just put it in your PC, re-format it and use it as normal. It is super easy to do. And then you have to switch it back to "Xbox" mode when reconnecting it for gameplay. If you don't know if you locked it or not, then just try the first step. Some programs claim they can read Xbox files but you do not want to reconfigure the device settings because it will than delete all the files from the Xbox. If you’ve ever used SSD (solid state drives) in a PC or laptop you know the difference it makes. The drive comes in 2 TB and 4 TB varieties, and aside from the Xbox logo stamped in the corner, doesn’t seem to be any different from other portable hard drives. This means that you can use any off-the-shelf external drive. My Xbox doesn't work, so I can't use it to help me. I can across a program in another thread that has a program called "Xbox one external storage device converter 1.1" that supposedly allows you to make the hard drive work for Xbox one and after switching "modes" can be used for file storage. If you did lock it, you will have to put it in another modified Xbox to unlock it. If it doesn't recognize it, then it may be locked. The hard drive is the only thing that i know will work on a PC, you could also possibly get the wifi card that it uses but i’m not sure whether or not it is soldered on to the motherboard or not. Let me show you how. These are cheap to replace and easy to install however it will involve you dismantling the XBox One Console. After cloning all game files from Xbox One drive to the bigger one, then you can replace the Xbox One drive now: Shut down computer > Remove or disconnect the previous Xbox One drive; Connect and insert the bigger drive with Xbox One game files on it to PC > Reboot computer to run games in the newly upgraded Xbox One drive. You have to transfer files from Xbox to buffer harddrive first (via FTP), then place new harddrive in Xbox and finally copy files from buffer harddrive to console (FTP again). 4. Xbox one is the successor of Xbox 360. 2. Using an External Hard Drive. IFixit have a pretty intensive guide covering how to re-install a XBox One Hard Drive. Thankfully, you can install Game Pass games in another drive or secondary drive. The standard Hard Drives which are featured within your XBox One are normal Sata Hard Drives.